More and more citizens from the Czech Republic are taking the opportunity to become the owner of the property on the beautiful Spanish coast. Investing in this purchase is currently one of the most interesting ways to make a positive and long-term appreciation of your funds. Spain is an ideal country for this type of investment. It is a country with beautiful weather, great potential of natural beauty and historical monuments, clean sea mostly with sandy beaches and for Czech citizens favorable prices of goods and services in disproportionately higher quality. Other advantages include proximity to the destination and good transport accessibility - by air several times a week, high-level healthcare and within the EU, lower immigration than in neighboring EU countries...

In Spain, there is no problem buying real estate from studios, apartments of various sizes, bungalows, different types and sizes of houses. Also, it is not a problem to secure individual construction according to the investor's ideas. An important fact is that in Spain, real estate can be purchased at virtually the most favorable price in all of Western and Southern Europe.

As for the place to buy a property, this can be done practically all over the coast of Spain, from the north to the Costa Brava, via Costa Dorada, Costa del Azahar, Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Costa Almeria to the southernmost Costa del Sol. We also offer properties in the Balearic and Canary Islands and other locations including Barcelona and Madrid. However, the Costa Blanca is most recommended for year-round stays because of the most stable weather throughout the year, the tiny rainfall and healing effects of the local climate on human health and of course the Costa del Sol. Investors most prefer the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, where the location and quality of the property and the subsequent lease can be calculated with an investment appreciation of 6 - 9% p.a.


If you decide to buy a property in Spain, you will consider paying in cash, respectively. finance the purchase partially with the help of a mortgage. A partner company in Spain provides this to our clients with selected Spanish banks, which can offer you very favorable conditions. You can finance up to 70% of the cost of your property with a mortgage. Interest rates are currently very favorable, with Euribor + 1-4% depending on creditworthiness and bank). The repayment period is 5,10,15 or 20 years with an age limit for paying the last installment up to 75 years of age. We also provide financing for our clients from the Czech Republic in cooperation with Česká spořitelna.

At this stage, we will assist you in the process of handling all formalities. The mortgage takes effect on the day of signing the purchase contract. In the case of a purchase of a property, it is a matter of course to have a flawless legal treatment of the entire transaction through a lawyer, a notary, registration in the real estate register in the given locality and all other necessary matters.

Taxes and fees

As interest in reality in Spain is growing, it is very important to know your budget when choosing it. However, you should not forget the additional costs associated with the purchase, ranging from 13 to 15% of the property price. Here's an example of additional costs:

  • IVA - 10% (Spanish VAT equivalent). The IVA payment date will be shown in the payment schedule, or you can pay it on completion of the property. Payable only for new properties. For new real estate buyers do not pay real estate transfer tax.
  • Real estate transfer tax - 7-10%. Buyers pay only for real estate "second hand". But it is not IVA.
  • Legal services - fees for the preparation of "Escrituary" and its transfer to a public notary.
  • Notary fees - fees for preparation and signing of the acquisition list, registration and stamps. Cadastral office - fee for registration in the land register. Water, electricity and sewerage charges. Annual rate of property tax - paid to the municipality and is around 0.7%. E.g. for a three-room villa, this tax is about 250 Euros per year.
  • Other payments - if you buy an apartment in a house belonging to the "owners' community", as with us, you will pay an adequate part of the cost of operating the house, respectively. its common areas (garbage collection, electricity, water and sewage, pool operating costs, etc.).

We will be happy to advise you with the selection of locations and properties for the highest possible appreciation.