Spain is a beautiful and varied country with a lively nation and beautiful monuments.

More and more citizens from the Czech Republic are taking the opportunity to become property owners. It is a country with beautiful weather, great potential of natural beauty and historical monuments, clean sea mostly with sandy beaches and for Czech citizens favorable prices of goods and services in disproportionately higher quality. Other advantages are proximity to the destination and good transport accessibility - by air several times a week, high-level healthcare and within the EU, lower immigration than in neighboring EU countries...

In Spain, buyers of real estate become more and more occasional foreigners, including citizens of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to local statistics, foreigners bought a total of 15% of all sold property in 2018. The largest investors were UK citizens 19.5%, French 8.6%, Germans 7.5%, Swedish 6.4%, Belgians 6%, Italians 5.7%, Russians 5.3%. It is interesting to note that despite the fact that we consider the Italians and the French to be Southern Europeans, they are buying real estate in Spain, given the climate and weather in the winter months.

Thanks to all these factors, along with favorable prices, Spain is gaining in popularity among those interested in buying real estate, whether intended as an investment for a possible lease, to make retirement more enjoyable or to change their lifestyle. Sports enthusiasts, such as golf, diving, hiking, cycling and tennis all year round, enjoy excellent conditions. Here, your dream can become a reality.